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Powin releases new utility-scale battery system

Powin has announced its new multi-cell-based hardware platform, the Powin Pod, designed for utility-scale projects.

“We consistently challenge ourselves to improve our products and services to ensure we are continuously delivering nothing short of excellence to both new and existing customers,” said Jeff Waters, CEO of Powin. “This next-generation product advancement demonstrates our commitment to bringing the safest and highest quality energy storage solutions to the market, advancing the entire industry as a result.”

The new Pod platform is part of a fully integrated Powin energy storage solution — StackOS software, system design, delivery and long-term service. Powin’s proprietary battery management system and energy management controls comply with robust localized cybersecurity standards and regulations, ensuring superior protection for data privacy, intellectual property and overall security, guaranteeing security of customers’ data, operations and investment at all times. Customers who select Pod will benefit from Powin’s full authorization to perform long-term services at their site, as well as comprehensive system training from the company.

The Powin Pod platform offers benefits such as:

  • Higher-density energy storage: Upgraded cell capacity, utilization of cell-to-pack technology and optimized internal space maximizes energy density and results in significant land savings for projects. Powin Pod delivers a 50% increase in energy density from the Powin Centipede platform. This solution and density improvement is available at 2-hour or greater system applications.
  • Top-tier safety and reliability: Liquid cooling provides more stable internal battery system temperatures, ensuring enhanced system safety and longevity. Powin complies with the latest and most stringent fire prevention standards such NFPA 68 and NFPA 69, while having optional fire suppression at module and container level.
  • Enhanced cost savings: Pod’s compact size reduces the amount of land required for installation, and Powin’s faster and lower cost shipping and on-time delivery combined with simplified installation and commissioning processes allow for lower CAPEX and greater customer savings.

Powin Pod is now available to order in markets globally and delivery is expected to begin in mid-2025. Starting in 2026, Powin Pod will be manufactured in the United States complying with domestic content requirements.

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