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REA outlines key priorities for government’s first 100 days

The Association for Renewable Energy and Clean Technology (REA) has outlined its vision for the next government‘s first 100 days in office.

The REA’s action plan emphasises the critical role of the next administration in determining whether the UK meets its legally binding net zero carbon emissions targets.

Organised across the REA’s strategic pillars of Circular Bioresources, Heat and Cooling, Power and Flexibility, Transport, and cross Pillar objectives, the plan provides a detailed policy framework aimed at positioning the UK as a global leader in the energy transition.

Each pillar document specifies an overarching objective for the upcoming government and details steps and policy actions for immediate implementation.

According to REA’s proposals, the government should establish an Office for Net Zero Deployment, as recommended in Chris Skidmore’s Net Zero Review, and further developed by the Energy Research Accelerator’s Policy Commission as the Net Zero Delivery Unit.

This office will ensure government accountability on sustainability and net zero targets.

Additionally, the government should announce a commission to identify gaps in existing guidance and build on current regulations to ensure best practices for installations, supply chains, maintenance and operations for all technologies.

A Treasury review of the Green Book, which assesses government policies, programmes, and projects, should be conducted to ensure the findings from the 2021 Treasury Net Zero Review are fully integrated.

Furthermore, a UK Green Taxonomy should be announced to establish strong definitions for green financial activities, ensuring transparent criteria for ‘green’ investments and enhancing the UK’s leadership in green financial products.

According to REA’s plan, the government should also consult on a comprehensive programme for green jobs training, including re-skilling from existing industries beyond the North Sea transition deal, to ensure a sufficient workforce for the large scale rollout of net zero technologies in the UK.

Dr Nina Skorupska, Chief Executive Officer of the REA, said: “The REA’s First 100 Days action plan is a comprehensive vision that would galvanise the entire sector across multiple technologies.

“It is no secret the UK’s status as global leader in net zero has been called into question. We strongly urge the next government to implement the policy steps outlined in our First 100 Days action plan, if it is serious about putting the energy transition front and centre of the government’s legislative programme, and hitting important milestones such as decarbonising heat, transport energy demand, and the electricity system, and ensuring all biodegradable waste is sustainably recycled.”

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