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‘Residents disturbed by noisy school heat pumps’

Residents living near Reepham High School in Norfolk have raised concerns about the noise generated by heat pumps installed at the secondary school.

The residents claim that the pumps, installed last year, have become a “24-hour noise nuisance,” preventing them from opening windows or enjoying outdoor spaces.

They further allege that assurances were given that the pumps would be turned off during bank holidays and school vacations, but this has not been the case.

The council has investigated the complaints, conducted noise testing, and emphasised the school’s effort to adopt renewable energy sources while acknowledging the need for a considerate approach.

A council spokesperson said: “The council has been working with all parties to get to a position that has enabled matters to move forward.

“Noise testing of the pumps has been carried out and concerns and complaints have been investigated by the council’s Planning Enforcement Team.

“The proposals which provide an alternative source of renewable energy to the school will reduce the reliance on centralised, non-renewable energy sources and make a positive contribution towards achieving green energy targets, tackling the challenges of climate change and reducing the reliance on finite energy sources.”

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