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RP Construction Services to distribute Hubbell solar eBOS products

RP Construction Services (RP), a distributor serving the utility-scale solar industry, is partnering with Hubbell Incorporated to include products to include the manufacturer’s new end-to-end electrical balance-of-system offering.

Credit: RP Construction Services

“Our approach has always been to take the most basic site parameters and turn them into an accurate, fully designed structural package, kitted and delivered to site at the right time for our customers,” said Eben Russell, president of RP. “Stocking and distributing products from leading Hubbell brands will enable us to expand beyond structural goods and deliver solutions that serve the entire balance of plant.”

Hubbell manufactures a complete line of balance-of-system products that are designed to address unique challenges and requirements of utility-scale solar projects.

“Demand for clean electrons is surging because of data centers and the growth of artificial intelligence, electric vehicle adoption and an expanded domestic manufacturing footprint. To keep up, our customers need solar procurement solutions that are safe, fast, predictable, repeatable and responsive to realities in the field,” said Duke Austin, president and CEO of Quanta Services. “RP has never been afraid to reimagine the solar supply chain, and Quanta is excited by the potential for RP’s recent partnerships to address the pressing needs that we’re seeing in the solar industry.”

News item from RP Construction Services

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