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RWE starts construction of its first UK solar farms

RWE, a multinational energy company based in Germany, has started construction on its first solar projects in the UK.

The company is building seven solar farms across the country, along with battery storage facilities.

These projects have a total of 330MW of solar power and 45MW of battery storage capacity.

Contracts have been awarded to two UK-based companies, enabling construction to begin.

Katja Wünschel, Chief Executive Officer of RWE Renewables Europe and Australia: “The deployment of these seven new projects represents a significant milestone for RWE as we grow and diversify our clean energy portfolio through solar and battery power, in one of our most strategically important markets.

“Quick to deploy and using the most modern solar technologies, we aim to maximise the generation potential of these sites for the UK; with a national target to increase solar capacity five-fold by 2035 and similar for battery storage, our projects will play a key role in helping ensure the UK decarbonises its power grid and achieves its challenging net zero targets.”

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