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‘Shell continues Russian gas trade despite withdrawal pledge’

Energy giant Shell has come under scrutiny for its alleged ongoing trade of Russian liquefied natural gas (LNG) despite previously pledging to withdraw from the Russian energy market.

Analysis conducted by campaign group Global Witness reveals that Shell was involved in nearly an eighth of Russia’s shipborne gas exports in 2022.

During the period from March to December 2022, a comprehensive analysis of every LNG shipment originating from Russia revealed that Shell was responsible for trading approximately 12% of the country’s total LNG exports, according to Global Witness.

A Shell spokesperson told ELN: “Shell made its decision to withdraw from all Russian hydrocarbons with conviction and we have stopped all purchases of Russian crude oil, as well as cargoes of refined products, such as diesel, exported from Russia.

“We also exited all our downstream business in Russia, such as services stations. And we are no longer part of any joint ventures with Gazprom with ongoing operations inside Russia.

“Shell has stopped buying Russian LNG on the spot market, but still has some long-term contractual commitments. This is in full compliance with sanctions, applicable laws and regulations of the countries in which we operate. We have been clear about this.

“There is a dilemma between putting pressure on the Russian government over its atrocities in Ukraine and ensuring stable, secure energy supplies. It is for governments to decide on the incredibly difficult trade-offs that must be made.”

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