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Smart meter stress: One-third of users locked in daily checks

A significant portion of smart meter users in the UK are closely monitoring their devices, with one-third (32%) admitting to checking their smart meters daily or even more frequently.

That’s according to a new survey conducted by Go.Compare Energy which suggests that for a fifth (22%) of participants who expressed dissatisfaction with their smart meters, the primary reason was heightened anxiety regarding energy usage.

This group stated that the constant monitoring amplified their worries.

Additionally, the survey found that nearly a third (32%) of smart meter users check their devices at least once a day.

Around 16% reported checking them weekly, while 9% did so every couple of weeks.

Another 16% checked their meters on a monthly basis and 11% did so less frequently, with intervals exceeding a month.

Interestingly, nearly 24% of respondents admitted to never checking their smart meters.

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