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‘Social homes 14% less energy efficient’

Social homes, on average, are operating at 14% less energy efficiency than their potential, raising concerns about heightened winter heating costs for tenants.

That’s according to new research by ventilation solutions provider Airflow, which suggests the average energy efficiency rating for social homes is 67.9 (band D), while new builds often have ratings of 81+ (bands A or B).

The study also found that proper ventilation and insulation could make social homes, on average, 16% more energy efficient.

Despite recent legislation, Awaab’s Law, mandating social housing landlords to address damp and mould issues promptly, the study reveals ongoing challenges.

Social housing residents expressed dissatisfaction with issues such as mould, damp, condensation, insulation and ventilation.

Notably, ventilation issues were over 11 times more common than plumbing issues and almost five times more common than heating issues.

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