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Energy Transition Outlook Report 2023
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The Solar Policy Scoop: April 2023 A guide to recent legislation and research throughout the country.

Community solar may soon be a reality for Michiganders if bipartisan legislation passes.

New Mexico reaches $10 million payout for 2022 rooftop solar customers Santa Fe, New Mexico
New Mexico’s Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources Department announced it issued more than $10 million worth of tax credit certificates to residents who installed solar energy systems on their homes in 2022. The Solar Market Development Tax Credit Program offers a 10% tax credit on solar installation costs up to a maximum of $6,000.
Bipartisan Michigan lawmakers introduce community solar-enabling legislation Lansing, Michigan
Recently introduced bipartisan legislation would enable community solar development in the state of Michigan. The bills would allow anyone with space — homeowners, small businesses, government buildings, schools and churches — to install and share a community solar project with their members or neighbors.
More than 100 groups ask CPUC to delay NEM 3.0 Sacramento, California
More than 100 environmental and social justice groups urged the California Public Utilities Commission to delay implementation of its new net billing plan at a March meeting. The groups say the rollout should be paused until the CPUC can resolve issues raised in an administrative appeal for rehearing filed in January by the Center for Biological Diversity, Protect Our Communities Foundation and the Environmental Working Group.
New California bill aims for more solar over parking lots and along highways Sacramento, California
A new bill authored by California Sen. Josh Becker and sponsored by Environment California would encourage solar canopies over parking lots and direct the state to plan for solar power along its highways. More than 60 environmental organizations signed a letter of support for this legislation, saying existing developed areas like parking lots and highways should be used to their fullest extent to capture solar energy.
North Carolina Utilities Commission approves 3-year glide path for solar customers Raleigh, North Carolina
The NCUC issued final orders in its solar net-metering docket, which included a three-year glide path for customers to transition from monthly credits to a time-of-use rate structure. The order also directs Duke Energy to open a solar + storage program within 90 days, a move that SEIA said sets the bar for other states in the region to consider the benefits of these technologies for strengthening energy security in the face of extreme weather.
SolSmart program plans to certify 500 new localities by 2027 Washington, D.C. 
The Dept. of Energy-funded SolSmart program announced new plans to add 500 new SolSmart designees by 2027, doubling the total number of solar-friendly communities nationwide. The program is also adding a new Platinum designation that recognizes local governments for cutting-edge achievements in the deployment of solar, including initiatives like instant online permitting.
Congressional Progressive Caucus starts task force to help accomplish IRA goals Washington, D.C. 
The Congressional Progressive Caucus Chairwoman Pramila Jayapal announced the launch of the Accelerating Clean Energy (ACE) Task Force, which will be led by CPC Vice Chair Jared Huffman. The task force will develop a blueprint for quickly achieving the renewable energy benefits in the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) and other federal clean energy goals.

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