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UGE to complete seventh community solar project in NYC with Wildflower this summer

Solar developer UGE and commercial real estate developer Wildflower, both based in New York City, completed their first solar project together in 2019. Now five years into their partnership, their seventh rooftop community solar project together is under construction.

For the two mission-driven companies, the partnership is symbiotic. UGE leases rooftop space on Wildflower’s commercial and industrial buildings, where UGE then installs its solar systems. Wildflower offsets its carbon emissions and saves on electricity costs by utilizing energy from the solar projects. UGE, meanwhile, earns reoccurring revenue from the electricity they generate.

UGE and Wildflower develop community solar projects. Both UGE and Wildflower are committed to supporting an equitable transition to renewable energy and have reserved roughly 40% of the electricity generated by their solar projects for low- and moderate-income subscribers.

“Our long-term partnership with UGE supports Wildflower’s mission to create innovative, sustainable and socially beneficial physical infrastructure in New York City,” said Adam Gordon, Managing Partner of Wildflower. “We are pleased to be bringing yet another community solar project to life with UGE.”

“As a team based in New York City, it’s always extra rewarding for us to build projects that provide energy savings and cleaner electricity to our fellow New Yorkers,” said Nick Blitterswyk, UGE’s Founder and CEO. “We’re grateful for our partnership with Wildflower, which has allowed us to bring so many of these projects to fruition. We look forward to continuing to collaborate on bringing accessible clean energy projects to New Yorkers.

UGE and Wildflower’s first project together, a 640-kW in the Bronx, was completed in 2019 and became one of New York City’s very first community solar projects. Now, their seventh project, an 847-kW installation on Wildflower’s new warehouse and parking facility in College Point, Queens, has recently reached the notice to proceed milestone and is scheduled to finish construction this summer.  Once this and the partners’ sixth project — which is currently under construction — come online, UGE and Wildflower will have completed 3.6 MW of rooftop solar together in greater New York City.

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