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UK explores carbon transport methods

The UK Government has launched an initiative to explore new methods for transporting captured carbon dioxide (CO2), with the goal of strengthening the national carbon capture industry.

This effort aims to diversify CO2 transportation options, complementing the existing pipeline network.

Carbon capture technology, crucial for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, captures CO2 from industrial processes before it is released into the atmosphere.

The Climate Change Committee has highlighted its essential role in meeting net zero targets.

Energy Efficiency and Green Finance Minister Lord Callanan said: “The UK has the right geology, talent and expertise to build a world-leading carbon capture industry, driving investment and economic growth to our industrial heartlands.

“Businesses right across the country want to do their bit to reduce carbon emissions and I want to hear from them how we can deliver greener solutions for industry by giving them ever-greater access to this game-changing technology.”

The call for evidence will be open for ten weeks, inviting stakeholders to contribute insights and proposals towards advancing the carbon capture industry in the UK.

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