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UK partners unite for CO2 capture and transport

Major companies in the UK have joined forces to undertake the capture and transport of carbon dioxide.

The Acorn Partners, consisting of Storegga, Shell UK, Harbour Energy and North Sea Midstream Partners, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Uniper.

Uniper is exploring the retrofitting of post-combustion carbon capture technology at its Grain power station in the South East of England, potentially capturing more than two million tonnes of carbon dioxide annually.

The MoU outlines plans for Acorn and Uniper to jointly develop a solution for transporting captured CO2 from the Isle of Grain to Peterhead Port in Scotland.

Uniper is considering the use of existing jetty infrastructure near Grain to load ships with captured carbon dioxide for transport from Kent to Scotland.

From there, the Acorn transportation and storage (T&S) network will pipe the carbon dioxide to permanent storage beneath the North Sea.

Mike Lockett, Uniper UK Country Chairman and Group Chief Commercial Officer Power, said: “Uniper is investing significantly to decarbonise our existing power stations, to meet our ambitious target to generate more than 80% of our installed power capacity from carbon-free sources by 2030.”

Steve Murphy, Chief Commercial Officer, Storegga on behalf of Acorn said: “Acorn, as part of the Scottish Cluster, has the potential to help decarbonise not only Scotland, but the UK and beyond.”

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