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UK power connections queue could hit 800GW by end of 2024

The ESO faces challenges as the connections queue for power projects grows, possibly reaching 800GW by year-end 2024.

Originally designed for a simpler energy landscape, the connections process now lags behind the rapid evolution of the UK’s decarbonising electricity system, leading to inefficiencies and delays.

Despite efforts to expedite connections and streamline the process, including a two-step offer process implemented in March 2023, challenges persist, with approximately 60% of customers experiencing delays.

In response, the ESO is reassessing its methodology and collaborating with stakeholders to align second-step offers with initial projections, with Ofgem approving a three-month extension to finalise the process by 31st May 2024.

David Wildash, Interim Director of Engineering and Customer Solutions at the ESO, said: “The ESO will continue its collaboration with the government, Ofgem, Transmission Owners and the energy industry to deliver long term reform to the connections process.

“With enduring, impactful reforms, the connections queue can be unblocked and Britain can keep building to deliver net zero.”

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