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UK’s hydrogen aviation dreams soar to new heights

UK green hydrogen energy services company Protium is heading a project designed to create a hydrogen infrastructure for hydrogen-powered aircraft.

Protium’s partners include Haskel, a UK-based manufacturer of hydrogen compression systems and Nel Hydrogen specialists in hydrogen generation and distribution.

The partnership integrates Haskel’s hydrogen compression system with Nel Hydrogen’s electrolyser, providing hydrogen for fuel cell-electric propulsion aircraft trials.

Project HEART is particularly focused on regional airports, aiming to develop a refuelling solution tailored to aircraft carrying nine to 19 passengers and covering a range of 500 miles.

Spencer Lambrecht, Global Proposal Manager, Nel Hydrogen, said: “Project HEART represents the first MW green hydrogen generation project in the UK to begin production, with planned operation to start in mid-2024.

“Nel’s containerised MW system is based upon its safe and reliable PEM technology that has been utilised historically for the English naval fleet.”

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