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Utilities face heavier fines for overrunning street works

Utility companies may face steeper fines for extended street works, according to new government measures aimed at reducing congestion and improving roads.

The current £10,000 per day fine for overrunning street works may be extended to weekends and bank holidays, acting as a deterrent for busy road travel days.

Though crucial for maintaining essential services, the two million street works conducted in England between 2022 and 2023 resulted in approximately £4 billion in economic costs, the government said.

Severe road congestion and disrupted journeys were among the consequences.

The consultation also considers doubling fines from £500 to a maximum of £1,000 for companies violating job conditions.

The proposed plans would direct at least 50% of funds from lane rental schemes to road improvement and pothole repair, potentially generating an extra £100 million over ten years for road resurfacing.

Transport Secretary, Mark Harper, said: “Our new proposals seek to free up our roads from overrunning street works, cut down traffic jams and generate up to £100 million extra to resurface roads up and down the country.”

Edmund King, AA President, said: “Overrunning roadworks and poorly reinstated roads from utility companies frustrate drivers and cause unnecessary congestion and trench defects can damage vehicles and injure those on two wheels.”

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