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Verogy completes nearly 6-MW community solar project in Connecticut

Verogy announced it has completed Connecticut’s largest solar project developed under the state’s Shared Clean Energy Facility (SCEF) program. In addition to being the largest SCEF project completed to date at 5.96 MWDC, Enfield Solar One is also the first SCEF project completed in Eversource’s service area.

The SCEF program, governed by the Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Protection (DEEP) in conjunction with the state’s utilities, is an initiative designed to overcome barriers to accessing renewable energy. The program allows residents and businesses who may not be able to invest in clean energy projects due unsuitable property conditions or rental status, to benefit from renewable energy.

“The SCEF program is a great step forward for Connecticut,” said Will Herchel, Verogy’s CEO. “Verogy’s Enfield SCEF project is not just about producing renewable energy; it’s about making that energy more accessible than ever. Thanks to SCEF, even more Connecticut customers can now benefit from clean energy. This is an important piece of our path to a more sustainable future.”

Through SCEF, low- and moderate-income energy customers in Connecticut benefit directly from a clean energy project’s power production. As SCEF projects become operational, customers are selected to enroll as “subscribers.” These subscribers receive a monthly bill credit for a portion of the electricity generated by the project for up to 20 years, at no cost.

Enfield Solar One is comprised of Phono Solar bifacial 545-W modules that will produce an estimated 8,566,000 kWh annually. With a credit of 2.5 cents per kWh applied to the monthly bill of subscribers, Enfield Solar One will generate an estimated $214,150 in electric savings for low- and moderate-income households and other utility customers every year for the next 20 years.

“By providing low- and moderate-income customers with a monthly credit on their bills, our project is helping to ensure the benefits of renewable energy are shared widely and fairly,” said Herchel.

Verogy is one of the top developers of SCEF projects in Connecticut, having been awarded nine projects totaling 42 MW. By building these SCEF projects, Verogy will help to expand equitable clean energy deployment and increase access to clean energy for more low- to moderate-income customers. Verogy is currently working with the Connecticut Public Utilities Regulatory Authority and state policymakers to find ways to increase the credits dedicated to low-income households under the SCEF program.

“Verogy is thrilled to be at the forefront of this important initiative,” said Herchel. “Programs like SCEF are critical for making renewable energy more accessible and more affordable for residents across Connecticut. We hope that SCEF and future community solar programs are expanded and enhanced with tools to provide even more benefits to Connecticut’s utility customers.”

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