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Aventon Pulls The Covers Off The Pace 500.3 City E-Bike

California-based electric bike specialist Aventon is best known for its affordable yet tech-laden electric bikes. Most of the brand’s models are geared towards city dwellers, with the Pace series serving as the label’s flagship line. Now, the brand has updated the Pace 500, launching the Pace 500.3. On the surface, the bike retains its approachable design. Beneath the surface, however, it’s better than ever. Let’s take a closer look. 

The updated Pace 500.3 now comes equipped with a torque sensor – something which will surely go a long way when it comes to offering smooth, seamless pedal assistance. Those of you who’ve ridden budget-focused e-bikes would be familiar with the jerky sensation of pedal assistance found in cadence-sensor-equipped systems. The torque sensor on the new Pace 500.3 makes this a thing of the past. The Pace 500.3 is also equipped with a thumb throttle, something that’s particularly useful for folks who want to make use of just the motor, with no pedaling involved. 

As for the bike itself, it’s constructed out of a 6061 aluminum alloy frame, and comes with removable batteries housed in the frame. A total capacity of 614 watt-hours from the 48-volt, 12.8 amp-hour battery pack provides a range of up to 60 miles per charge, provided you’re not too greedy with the pedal assist or throttle. It’s fitted with a 500-watt rear hub-mounted electric motor, and has a top assisted speed of 28 miles per hour slotting it squarely into Class 3 territory. When using the throttle, top speed is slightly lower at 20 miles per hour. 

Other features include Aventon’s new turn signals which are mounted onto the bike’s tail lights on the seat stays. Not only do they improve visibility, they also give the bike a sleeker, more premium appearance. Thanks to their placement, they’re visible from both the rear and the sides of the bike. Last but not least, the new Pace 500.3 is also fitted with a full-color LCD display which can be paired to a smartphone app. This allows you to keep track of your bike’s performance, location, and adjust settings on the fly. 

As for pricing and availability, the Aventon Pace 500.3 retails for $1,699 USD via Aventon’s official website. For more information on the Pace 500.3, as well as other Aventon electric bicycles, be sure to visit their official website linked below. 

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