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Electric Wings: Cane Creek’s New 3D Printed Titanium Cranks For E-Bikes

When it comes to mountain bikes, be it electric or otherwise, your cranks play a major role in ensuring you have the stability, power, and leverage to handle whatever the terrain throws at you. Having experienced a cheap set of cranks give up on me in the trail (I still have the scars to remind me of it), I know that a solid crankset is truly worth its weight in gold. 

That being said, it’s common sense to get your cranks only from reputable manufacturers, and indeed, this is what Cane Creek is all about. The brand has been in business for decades, and is headquartered in North Carolina. All of its products undergo rigorous testing, and indeed, this is the case with its e-bike-focused products as well. As you’re well aware, e-bikes undergo a lot more stress than your standard pedal-only machines. As such, their components, particularly their drivetrains, need to be more than capable of dealing with this stress. 

To handle the needs of the most intense of e-bikers, Cane Creek has released its newest product called the Electric Wings. These e-bike specific cranks are 3D printed out of titanium, and sit alongside Cane Creek’s high-end eeWings Mountain cranks. Given that the Electric Wings are made of 6/4 Titanium, you can bet that they’re big on durability and low on weight. According to the manufacturer, they’re about as light as a fancy pair of carbon cranks, while promising the durability of a set of aluminum cranks. 

Another interesting feature is the way the cranks were molded – or should I say, printed. Cane Creek highlights that these cranks have a much smaller overhang at the end of the crank arm. This means that you get a few extra millimeters of precious ground clearance, reducing damage in the event of pedal strikes, and keeping you stable across more technical off-road terrain. 

In terms of pricing and compatibility, the Electric Wings are applicable on all electric, gravel, and road e-bikes rocking an ISIS crank spindle. They’re not much more expensive than a premium pair of aluminum cranks either, and they retail for $1,299 USD. 

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