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Rivian To Open Its EV Charging Network To The Public

Rivian is already deploying its own charging network, and more quickly than some rivals. Now, the US EV maker has made it clear it will open that network to the public as soon as next year.

Currently, Rivian has 30 charging stations with DC fast chargers that it designed and produced in-house. The company calls its charging division the Rivian Adventure Network and plans to add hundreds of additional charging points as soon as possible. Rivian CEO RJ Scaringe didn’t provide a specific timeline, but he explained:

“In the United States, there’s been a massive underinvestment in charging infrastructure, and realizing that, we decided to build out our own infrastructure. A year from now, the density of Rivian chargers will really help solve a lot of these core issues, and we’ll see third-party networks start to build up as well.”

Interestingly, as reported by Automotive News, EV Adoption estimates that Rivian already added 12 new charging stations and 72 new charging points in the first quarter of 2023. While this doesn’t exceed Tesla’s charging infrastructure growth during the quarter, it surpasses that of Electrify America.

Scaringe went on to tout Tesla’s Supercharger network as the best in the business. And, of course, Rivian plans to make its network very similar. The EV maker has had the benefit of being around for many years and watching Tesla’s successes and failures as it decides how to chart its course. Scaringe admitted:

“In terms of independent networks, there are only a couple out there — outside of Tesla — and they’re not very good.”

It makes a whole lot of sense for Rivian to plan to follow in Tesla’s footsteps with a proprietary charging network, as well as to open it to the public. One top reason people continue to choose Tesla’s EVs over the competition is the Supercharger network. What’s more, once the Rivian charging network is available to all EV owners, it should be able to get much-needed funding from the US government.

Within two years, Rivian aims to have 600 active charging stations in the US and Canada. The goal is to have 3,500 fast charging points available at those locations, with an average of about six per station.

Rivian’s DC fast chargers are capable of delivering over 200 kW right now, though, in the future, they’ll potentially deliver 300 kW or more. The company is also deploying a network of Level 2 chargers that follow suit with Tesla’s Destination Chargers. They’ll be available at hotels, restaurants, and various recreational areas.

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