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Tesla Ramping Up Model Y Production At Giga Texas

Tesla is still steadily ramping up its production output in Germany and in Texas. Both factories currently only produce the Model Y crossover, and, apparently, Tesla needs as many as it can produce. After ramping up Model Y production to 4,000 units per week at Giga Texas, it appears Tesla is already aiming to boost the builds even more quickly.

One of the many Tesla followers who just happens to fly drones around the EV maker’s factories recently made another interesting observation. Jeff Roberts has been watching and following Giga Texas since early on, and he notes that the factory is now moving more Model Y SUVs than ever before. In fact, he’s now counting a whopping 50 Model Y units coming out of the factory per hour. You can check it out in the video above.

Based on Roberts’ observations, as well as the usual expectations surrounding Tesla’s factory ramp-up, it looks like the US EV maker is working to hit the next milestone of 5,000 Model Y per week sooner rather than later. Giga Berlin just recently achieved the 5,000-copy milestone a few weeks ago. The factory in Germany opened a few weeks ahead of Tesla’s Austin, Texas.

Even though Giga Berlin started production a few weeks before Giga Texas, the two have remained close in terms of Model Y output. This is likely due to the fact that Tesla has had more roadblocks in Germany than it has in Texas. However, Giga Berlin seemed to pull ahead for a time now, and perhaps that stands to shift in the coming weeks.

According to Teslarati, Tesla’s factory in Germany was producing 4,000 Model Y per week in February and 5,000 by the end of March 2023. Meanwhile, we learned about Giga Texas hitting 3,000 copies toward the end of 2022, but it didn’t get to 4,000 until April.

Tesla produces all of its vehicles at its original factory in Fremont, California. The flagship Model S and Model X aren’t currently built at any other plant. Tesla’s Giga Shanghai facility produces both the Model 3 and Model Y, both for domestic sales and global export.

While Tesla’s newest factories in Germany and Texas only make the Model Y, that stands to change going forward. To top it off, Tesla is prepping to begin construction on another new factory in Mexico, which will build new, cheaper EVs on a next-gen platform. The automaker is reportedly also looking for another location to build a factory at the same time as the factory in Mexico.

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