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Net Hero Podcast – Heat pumps: facts v fiction

Ah heat pumps – you love them or hate them.

I’ve never really worked out why they trigger such reactions in people. Many believe they are the ultimate answer to us decarbonising heat, others say they are an expensive redundant technology even before they are widely used.

What is the truth? Well I have often thought they can do a lot for the right home and office but only if the circumstances are right, eg., a new build development. I have been less convinced if they can be a retrofit option for our buildings especially in terraced housing or compact commercial properties.

So this week Alastair Murray from Rendesco talks me through what they are, how they work and if they really are marmite or not! We discuss their use, cost and deployment and the truth behind some of the headlines, good or bad.

Listen in and subscribe to the podcast and let me know your opinion.



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