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Storm Isha forces Sellafield nuclear site closure

As Storm Isha sweeps across the UK, the Sellafield nuclear site in Cumbria took a precautionary step by closing operations on Sunday night.

The decision, described as a safety measure in response to severe weather warnings, involved the suspension of activities related to nuclear waste processing, storage and decommissioning.

A statement from the centre clarified that the closure was a proactive move to safely shut down operational plants and prepare for worsening weather conditions.

Employees were allowed to leave early to facilitate safe travel amid the adverse weather.

The closure coincides with widespread weather disruptions caused by Storm Isha, with London commuters and various regions facing chaos and power outages due to winds reaching up to 99mph.

Earlier today, approximately 200 residences in the southern and central regions of Wales experienced a power outage, as reported by the National Grid.

Although specific figures for power disruptions in northern Wales were not disclosed by ScottishPower, their outage map displayed multiple affected postcodes in the region.

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